2005-UP Ford Super Duty Dana 60 High Steer Machining Services


 Machining services for 2005 and UP Super Duty Knuckles. You send me your knuckle('s) and I will machine them to accept my steering arm. Arm is keyed to knuckle and tied in 6 places with grade 8 hardware.  Also designed into arm placement is a knuckle tie in option. (As shown in pic) Arm is placed perfectly over top of original TRE Location. To allow a 3/4 Bolt to tie arm and knuckle in one more spot.

Pricing will be $200 per knuckle:
Which includes Machining, and my arm installed, and shipping back to you!!
Options: Tie in kit $225 per knuckle, ( 3/4" tie in bolt, and one peice of 3/4" ID DOM)

Ball joints must be removed before you ship.

Ship to


1400 Iron St

Richlands VA 24641

Be sure to put your order # on the knuckle and box!

If you order linkage hole drilled please leave a note on the order page with details on hole needed.